Spectrum Services is founded on the idea that we ALL do a balancing act every day. Some times we do it well, some times not. The world spinning dizzily 24 by 7 doesn’t seem too keen in giving you breaks either. Must we lose our library privileges because we didn't return our books? Must we forget our partner or spouse's birthday or anniversary or some major happening date once too often?

In short, the minutiae gets to you, doesn’t it? Once freed from much of the minutiae that bogs you down – you can begin to function better, feel happier and lead a much richer life.

Increasingly, there’s a sense that time – more than any thing – is our most precious commodity. Like a dwindling resource, it is the one thing we cannot get more of. A commodity too precious to waste!

The concept of Spectrum Services originated with the founders – time-starved people with a seemingly unending To Do List – and trying to cram them into the weekends and lunch hours during the week. We realised what we needed was a panel of good, trustworthy folks who could be our personal assistants to make timely phone calls and run the errands for us – with minimum supervision. People who willingly help us with that thorny enterprise known as being a person!

We needed life support (pun intended)! So Spectrum Services was born! To be your able-bodied personal assistant, to give you the extra help that’s so hard to find – whenever you need help!